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Technological Resources


To better serve customers, “FRAMEPORT” Group runs efficiently a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, with the help of the highest technology and best manufacturing processes available.
The excellent product range, the quality control, the competitive prices and the flexible production are guaranteed by a complete set of synchronized processes:
• Logistic supply system connected with production flow coordinated by dedicated personnel and software;
• Internal Quality Control Systems that are measured and reported progressively, from station to station, as components move through the production process, all the way through to finished product – where they get additional quality review, prior to acceptance as meeting or exceeding the high standards – for becoming a “FRAMEPORT” product;
• Automated Wood Drying Process, controlled by state-of-the art electronic systems;
• The highest Technology at tool preparation process;
• Optimization of raw material consumption managed by integrated digital systems connectedto the logistic and storage facility;
• Manufacturing System concept by a sequence of operational complete cycle production cells, without intermediate handling and transport;
• Machines equipped with electronic control maximize the efficiency of cutting to size, milling, gluing, drilling, fitting, sizing and sanding, accessory installation, finishing, packaging and identification, as well as storage and transportation;
• Raw material application analyzed and tested by modern laboratories, on site or at specialized Institutions.