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Manufacturing Technology


State-of-the ar t technology gives you outstanding quality excellence of “FRAMEPORT” doors by means of exclusive equipment. And here’s why:
• High Precision Panel Raising Process deploying 42 tool heads simultaneously working on milling and sanding. This technology is unparalleled and the best in the world.
• LOUVER door stiles are drilled and slotted by high speed CNC control Gantry equipments working in an unlikely high precision process.
• Both door slab ends are factory-sealed, protected by two humidity insulating UV hardened paint coats giving the door long lasting performance – applied right on the factory production line.
• CNC controlled staining, priming and finishing spray process ensure high quality protection on prefinished products.
• “FRAMEPORT” adheres to outstanding technical specifications, to insure that every door is built to the highest standards.
• Excellent technology, precision of details, careful preparation and magnificent finishing transform the wood into an unmatchable product highly appreciated by customers around the world: The “FRAMEPORT” door.

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