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Notable features

It is important to read this page to know why “FRAMEPORT” doors have such outstanding quality.
Several aspects evidencing the outstanding features of the quality of “FRAMEPORT” doors are visible at first glance:

Unmatched variety of stile & rail doors, the largest in the market.

As visible in this catalogue, the widerange of types, models and sizes of FRAMEPORT” doors covers the entire needs of the most selective customers.

• Engineered construction for superior stability.

• Consistent quality.

• Care & attention to construction details.

• High Precision milled components.

• Tight joints & precise edge sticking.

• Raised Panel thickness 19 mm.

• Double sanded rebated area of the raised panels.

• Sanding grit # 220 in all visible areas on both faces of the door slab.

• Permanent Water Resistant Low Formaldehyde bonding (E-1).

• Edge lipped 14 mm before trimming (circa 12 to 14 mm, wide solid wood edges).

• Both ends sealed with two coats of UV cured protection.

Both ends of all 1 3/8” (35 mm) or thicker door slabs are factory-sealed, protected by two humidity insulating UV hardened paint coats giving the door longer lasting performance – applied right on the factory production line.

• “VERTICAL GRAIN” or “V.G.” construction,both faces.

“The tree-rings-of-growth cutting process” and the wood segments choice enhance the natural appearance in the product. This is known as VERTICAL GRAIN, or “V.G.” This method insures that only the very best selection of veins and colors are applied to all “FRAMEPORT” products, giving you an unmatched look and appearance well above the best patterns of artisan craftsmanship.

• POLYOLEFIN foil door shrink wrapping, enhancing door presentation and protection.