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Instalacíon y Mantenimiento

Improper storage, handling, finishing or instalation of any FRAMEPORT wood doors may result in severe damage to them and may void the warranty. The following guidelines will help to maintain the high quality of these doors:
Storing and handling:
1 - Store doors flat on a level surface in a dry, well-ventilated building. Doors should be kept at least 3 1/2” off the floor and should have protective coverings under the bottom door and over the top. Covering should protect doors from dirt, water and abuse, but allow for air circulation under and around the stack. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
2 - Do not subject interior doors to extremes of heat and/or humidity. Prolonged exposure may cause damage. Buildings where humidity and temperature are controlled provide the best storage facilities.
3 - Do not install doors in buildings that have wet plaster or cement unless they have been properly finished. Do not store doors in buildings with excessive moisture content.
4 - Doors should always be handled with clean hands or while wearing clean gloves.
5- Doors should be lifted and carried when being moved, not dragged across one another.
Finishing preparation
Failure to comply with these guidelines will affect your warranty:
1 - To ensure uniform moisture exposure and dimensional control, all surfaces including the stiles and rails must be treated equally.
2 - Before applying first finishing coat, remove all handling marks, raised grain scuffs, burnishes and other undesirable blemishes by block sanding all surfaces in a horizontal position Sand entire door lightly with # 200 grit sandpaper. To avoid cross-grain scratches sand in the direction of the grain.
3 - After sanding, clean entire door with a slightly damp cloth, removing all dust and foreign debris. Avoid caustic or abrasive materials.
4 - If necessary, adjust components before finishing (Wood panels can “float ”). Carefully realign with a wood block and hammer.
5 - Before finishing, hang the door. Then remove to finish properly. Do not finish during or after high-moisture periods. Door must be dry before finishing.
6 - Certain species of wood contain chemicals that react unfavorably to some finishes or to foreign materials in the finishing system. Whenever possible, test your finish prior to application and eliminate the use of steel wool on bare wood, avoid rusty containers or any other contaminate.
7 - Softwoods like pine take stains differently and may appear uneven or blotchy after staining. If the door is to be stained, a wood conditioner or stain control should be applied prior to staining to promote a uniform appearance and avoid sharp color contrasts or a blotchy or “zebra” appearance.
Note: As the sealer allows for even stain application, it also reduces grain contrast and the depth of stain penetration. If grain contrasts is desired, a pre-stain sealer or wood conditioner should not be used. As with all finishes, test prior to application. Talk with a paint professional regarding this application.