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Pescar Project:


The unit of FRAMEPORT, integrated to PROJETO PESCAR, was created with the objective of providing the youths, in a situation of social vulnerability, the possibility to getting professional, improve their personal and citizen conduct and join the labour market.

The Frameport unit began on 03/03/03 and graduated its first class. The trainig is given in the area of Wood Technology, but also has given technical principles in the commercial area in terms of Customer Service and the administrative area with the course "Aprender a Empreender" (Learn to Undertake), in partnership with SEBRAE. Besides the technical part, the teens also received training in human area, citizenship, job security, health, basic knowledge of computers, personal and professional etiquette, drugs, sexuality, team working, arts, environment, philosophy and principle of 5Ss, labour legislation and transit, vocational guidance and motivation to work, quality and productivity, theatre, among others. The teens have daily classes, during morning.

The project PESCAR was created in 1988 and aims to encourage and advise Brazilian companies in the installation of new units for youths in social vulnerability. It currently has almost 100 units, spread in 09 brazilian states that, together, teached and forwarded to the labour market, more than 8.500 teens. There are estimates of more 5 new units.

In 1995, a Foundation was established to administer the Pescar project. Through it, any company can integrate itself to the project and share the social, institutional and community results. The Foundation accumulates many prizes, each year, including international recognition like from the World Bank, UNESCO and American Chambers of Commerce, Brazil - United States.

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